Why should I publish a video of my property ?

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That’s what a potential buyer needs !

Nowadays, people on the internet are watching more and more videos everyday. Actually, they stop and spend time easier on a video than on a picture and the engagement rate is higher. Indeed, 73% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it, and 96% of internet users agree that video plays a role in their purchasing decision (source: ledigitalab.com). Furthermore, the video will highlight your property. The video allows the potential buyer to visualise better your property. They understand the way the rooms are organized, they see a realistic image of every room and it gives them an idea of how it is to live in.

It gives your property more visibility!

It is not a secret anymore, Google, Facebook, Instagram and all the internet platforms are using algorithms to positionate every publication. And positioning means visibility. What do we know about these algorithms ? They are based of course on the keywords, but they are also and mainly based on the content of every publication. And videos are for them a much greater value than pictures. As a result, to get more visibility you should always post a video of your property.

With the current sanitary situation, people hardly travel to Ibiza

As you may now, Covid-19 made, all around the world, that a simple travel became a long and complicated adventure. Lots of flights are getting cancelled, others delayed, and if you manage to travel then you have to fill forms, get temperature checked and depending on the countries, get a negative Covid test. But people still want to buy in Ibiza. With the expectation to be able to enjoy more than never when all this will end. So how do they view the properties if they cannot travel ? They ask the agents for videos! So as you can see, videos also allow interested potential buyers to view your property, whatever the circumstances. At BestOf Ibiza Properties we dispose of a Osmo Pocket 4K video camera with automatic mechanic stabilization to make the best videos for your property to be sold earlier! Contact Us!
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