Why are we passionate about real estate ?

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In BestOf Ibiza Properties, we are passionate since childhood by Real Estate. But Why ?

Selling a property is not like being commercial in a store, a property is for most of the buyers, the biggest investment of their life. Each client has his story as well as each property has its one. And our job is to match buyers with their dream property.

According to the famous american newspaper Forbes Real estate agent is the n°1 happiest job.

Here are the main reasons:

We help people : Some people need to sell their house, depending on their story it can be a vital need or a way for them to continue growing. It’s always a pleasure to know we make them happy by finding the right buyer for their house. On the other end, others want to buy a property but mostly don’t know how to proceed, where to search, and even some don’t even know what they are searching exactly, in that case our job will be to discover what they really need. Buying a house is an investment in very long term, so we have to find the one they will feel happy and comfortable for all this time.

We meet people and discover their story : Being real estate agent, we discover new people everyday. We meet people of all style, with all kind of background and get to know them in all their most intimate side as home is where everybody feels the best to be himself.

We are most of the time outside : Real estate agent is a very social job, and what is the best place to meet new people ? The street! It’s not being stuck in an office that we will find new houses and apartments for sale, or new clients to buy them. Real estate agent is an active job where we travel all the island every week, see a lot of different landscapes which gives us the good taste of freedom.

We do more than selling : Real estate agent is a polivalent job, we are of course commercials, but also marketer, photographer, filmmaker, sometimes psychologist and even law consultant and decoration or renovation advisors. This diversity makes selling properties a very interesting job where we never get bored

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