3 reasons to let your Estate Agent plublish your property on Real Estate Platforms

Real Estate Platforms

For some reasons, lots of property owners wishing to sell their properties are reluctant to let their estate agent publish their property on Real Estate Platforms such as Idealista, Fotocasa, or Pisos.com. They think the contacts and the own website of the agencies are enough for their property to be sold quickly.

However Real Estate platforms are one the the main tools for an agent to sell your property. Find here the 3 reasons to let your agent publish your property on a Real Estate platform :

1 – The platforms have best positioning on the main real estate keywords on Google compared to agency websites.

The google positioning is one of the most important thing for a website to be viewed, visited and impact its customers.

In Real Estate, the first page of google is monopolized by tens of platforms on the main keywords, not letting any space to the agencies to reach it.

Knowing that 91% of clics from all google searches are made only on that 1st page of result, the Real Estate Platforms are a very important actor in the publication of your property.

Not letting your agent upload your property on a platform is taking the risk to lose 90% of the potential clients for your house who research “property in Ibiza” “Property for sale Ibiza” or “Real Estate Ibiza”.

2 – The platforms are simple!

The job of the real estate platform is to gather all the real estate offer of a region or even a country, from all the different agencies, and to make it simple to research for the potential buyer.

The potential buyer, instead of having to visit every agency website to find the property of his dream, thanks to the platforms have now access in a few clicks to thousand of offers. And nowadays, time is precious!

Who, today, wants to spend full days or maybe even weeks to find 3 or 4 properties to visit ? We have so many other things to do…. So of course, for the potential client, if it exists a way to make this in a few hours only, he will choose this option!

3 – The platforms are international !


The real estate platforms are usually available in minimum 3 languages and up to 15 languages for Idealista for exemple, which is a big advantage compared to the websites of the agencies which are usually translated manually in 3 or 4 languages.

The platforms are indeed an open door to lots of new potential clients from all around the world.


As you can see, real estate platforms have plenty of resources that are a big plus at the moment to sell your property in Ibiza.

To publish on these platform is an expensive service for the agencies that they then offer for free to the sellers. So why not enjoy this tool to sell faster?


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