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3 ways of learning Spanish in Ibiza.

3 ways of learning Spanish in Ibiza Whether you recently moved to Ibiza or you are planning on relocating to the island very soon… you know that speaking Spanish is the right thing to do to become a respectful all-year resident From communicating with your staff & neighbours to feeling more independent running errands in town with confidence — speaking Spanish in Ibiza will...

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5 reasons why you NEED to speak Spanish in Ibiza.

5 reasons why to speak Spanish in Ibiza Maybe it was that day that you woke up and realised that you didn't want to live with Brexit, or maybe it was that other day that you went to bed feeling unhappy, stuck and/or unfulfilled with your life. Either way, one day you decided that you deserve more and that you are prepared to leave it all behind to move to Ibiza in the hope of a better...

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5 ideas of activities to do in Ibiza with the closing of restaurants and bars

Yes 2021 arrived! But unfortunately, Covid is not over and the island of Ibiza is suffering a new closing of restaurants, bars and all kind of activity places for at least 2 weeks. So what can we do in Ibiza when everything is closed ? 1 - Go and enjoy the winter empty beach. Alone you can simply enjoy a walk on the beach, take a rest, read a book, watch the waves, practice meditation, or exercise on the...

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