5 reasons why to speak Spanish in Ibiza

Maybe it was that day that you woke up and realised that you didn’t want to live with Brexit, or maybe it was that other day that you went to bed feeling unhappy, stuck and/or unfulfilled with your life.

Either way, one day you decided that you deserve more and that you are prepared to leave it all behind to move to Ibiza in the hope of a better lifestyle.

Sunny weather most of the year, a slower pace of life and happier and more welcoming people make Ibiza an ideal destination to live all-year-around and start your ideal new life with your family.

Here at BestOf Ibiza Properties, we have years of experience in the property market and are confident we can help you find your perfect property on the island to make that dream come true.

In this post, however, we would like to share with you 5 reasons why you need Spanish in Ibiza AFTER you have moved to the island.

Because in spite of Ibiza’s strong local ex-pat community, speaking Spanish on the island can help you overcome countless everyday challenges as well as opening up a new world of opportunities for you and your family when you become an all-year resident.


1 – Feel independent & in control

Until not long ago, you could easily “get by” on the island only speaking English.

But now we must take into account that with Brexit the island has fewer Brits working all year, and for any new resident who cannot understand any Spanish, it is going to get a hell of a lot more difficult to simply order a dish in a restaurant.

The truth is that one day, at some point, you will have to deal & communicate with a Spanish local who does-not-speak-a-word in English.

And I can guarantee you that the exchange will be ugly & messy and you WILL HATE yourself for not being able to express yourself the way you would like… as a confident and mature adult, not as an insecure & nervous child.

Getting your point across comfortably in Spanish any time, anywhere and with anyone will not only boost your self-esteem but it will also provide you with the sense of freedom and control over your life that you expect to obtain coming to Ibiza.

2 – Save money & time

There can’t be anything else worse than feeling like an easy target in a new country.

Whether you live in Ibiza, Paris or Pekin, not speaking the local language increases quite significantly your chances of you being taken advantage of by unscrupulous mechanics misquoting you for a car repair or dishonest sales reps selling you their “best internet package”.

Of course some professionals on the island can speak English a bit and will happily make an effort with you, but this won’t be an option all the time to always guarantee a smooth interaction.

So then, how will you sort out your important legal documents or properly explain your symptoms to your doctor?

Speaking Spanish in Ibiza will not only empower you to say NO at the right time, but it can potentially help you avoid expensive misunderstandings and save you time on the annoying & inconvenient back & forth trying to fix them.

3 – Be proud of yourself

Deep down we all know that when we go abroad, not imposing our language and respecting the local customs is simply the right thing to do.

It might not always be the easiest option, but it is always the most rewarding.

Apart from constantly feeling lost and confused in everyday situations, not speaking Spanish in Ibiza will make you carry a sense of guilt and shame for not truly embracing the language & culture of your new home in Spain.

But this of course is simply a personal choice.

With just a little effort and learning some Spanish, you can become a respectful and proud new resident who accepts the plurality of the island and strives to connect & learn from the local community with confidence & curiosity.

Spanish In Ibiza

4 –  Connect with the Ibiza essence

Beyond the summer club scene and stunning nature that you always see in the magazines, Ibiza is also known for having a rich cultural and historical heritage.

But what makes Ibiza a truly unique and almost magical place to live is the relax, positive and open-minded attitude towards life from its local community made up by the Ibicencos and the rest of islanders.

If you are serious about making Ibiza your new home you should consider learning Spanish to not miss connecting with the true essence of the island.

To avoid living a parallel life on the island on your “ex-pat bubble”, make an effort to understand the new people and culture around as a sign of respect for accepting you and allowing you to start a fresh chapter in your life in paradise.

5 – Challenge negative stereotypes about ex-pats abroad

Whether you like it or not, simply for being a foreigner the locals will already have a predetermined perception about you.

This unfair judgement is, of course, not your fault, as the only ones to blame are the many ex-pats that came before you that choose to live on the island for years and NEVER bother to learn any Spanish at all.

They acted selfishly and never made any effort to connect & understand the local culture… so now you are automatically being judged as “one of them”.

Luckily now, you can change that!

NOW you can choose to learn Spanish and have an impact on the island by helping create a more connected & diverse community where language & culture are not obstacles to understand each other.



Coming on holidays a few days or weeks a year and getting by with “hola amigo” and “2 cervezas por favor” is completely different from living on the island all-year-round.

As a full-time Ibiza resident, you will not only discover a wonderful new depth to the island but also be presented with a completely different set of challenges to deal with.

Speaking Spanish in Ibiza will help you to enjoy more your new experiences and empower you to tackle anything that the island may throw at you.

If you are serious about calling Ibiza your home and would like help getting started with your Spanish, we suggest visiting www.jaimevalencia.net and speaking with Jaime, the only Spanish coach on the island specialised in helping new property owners embrace their new lives on the island.

Or check out our next blog post where we share with you our 3 most popular ways to learn Spanish in Ibiza to help you become a proud & respectful new resident on the island.

For enquiries on any of our Ibiza properties, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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