5 ideas of activities to do in Ibiza with the closing of restaurants and bars

Yes 2021 arrived! But unfortunately, Covid is not over and the island of Ibiza is suffering a new closing of restaurants, bars and all kind of activity places for at least 2 weeks. So what can we do in Ibiza when everything is closed ?

1 – Go and enjoy the winter empty beach.

Alone you can simply enjoy a walk on the beach, take a rest, read a book, watch the waves, practice meditation, or exercise on the beach. It is a good way to take fresh air and connect with yourself.
In family or with your partner, you can enjoy a pic-nic, play ball or paddles, enjoy your loved ones, have fun and relax.

2 – Visit Atlantis and the pirate tower

                       Img 0740

If you feel more like having a walk, why not enjoy visiting Atlantis and its natural pools ? It’s a sportive walk due to its location down a hill but it is worth seeing. And when you finish you can go to the platform nearby to see the sunset on Es Vedra.
In case Atlantis is too hard for you or you would still have some energy left, you can also climb to the pirate tower nearby. Here a guide to reach it.

3- Go up to Sa Talaia and enjoy its panoramic views

Another nice thing you could do, either walking, in bike or with the car depending on what you prefer, is to climb up to Sa Talaia and enjoys its panoramic views. On one side you will see the beautiful beaches of Cala Jundal, Sa Caleta and even Formentera if the weather is good enough. On the other side the west coast, Sant Antonio Bay and the sunset.

4 – Find original (or not) activities at home

If the weather is not too good or even if you just don’t feel like going out, you can always use your imagination to find activities to do at home like ping-pong with an adjustable kit, board games, learn that thing you want to learn since a while but never find the time, build up new furnitures, change the decoration etc etc etc, there’s an infinity of things we can do at home.

5 – Have a walk in Ibiza town

Having a walk in Ibiza you for exemple climb up to Dalt Vila, walk by the old harbour, walk by the Marina Botafoch and look at the Yachts there.

                   Img 0072

Here are some ideas but there are a lot more things to do on the island even when everything is closed!

The most important being still to stay responsible, not meet up with too many people even if we think we are safe and always wear the mask!

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