3 ways of learning Spanish in Ibiza

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Whether you recently moved to Ibiza or you are planning on relocating to the island very soon… you know that speaking Spanish is the right thing to do to become a respectful all-year resident

From communicating with your staff & neighbours to feeling more independent running errands in town with confidence — speaking Spanish in Ibiza will not only make you more connected to the island life but will also open up a world of unseen opportunities for you and your family as well.

Chances are, if you are reading this you recognise that the benefits of speaking Spanish in Ibiza outweigh the time, money and energy investment but… where to begin??

In this blog post, we have done the work for you so you don’t have to and we share with you the 3 most popular options to learn Spanish in Ibiza

3 very different options for very 3 different people so you can simply choose what best suits your personal learning style and start preparing your new dream life in Spain TODAY.

#1 Study on your phone, anytime anywhere.

Learn Spanish In Ibiza With Duolingo

If you have never used Duolingo for studying Spanish yet, you most likely know someone who already does!

Duolingo is currently the #1 language-learning mobile app in the world with over 300 million users worldwide.

The study process in Duolingo combines various methods such as: listening to the pronunciation, reading sentences, voice recording, forming phrases by ordering words and matching images to words.

The mobile app has a fun “video game” feel that allows you to earn Badges from completing specific objectives or challenges, rewards you for using the app regularly and lets you compete against your friends.

“But studying on a mobile app, is this really an option to learn Spanish in Ibiza??”

It might not be a long term solution but to get you started right this moment…Yes!!

Duolingo is free, it is always in your pocket and you are able to study its bite-size lessons as much as you can whenever you can, so you literally have NO EXCUSES for taking up Spanish today!

Consider this option if you aren’t on the island yet and you would like to start familiarising yourself with the language before committing to a more structure form of learning once you arrive.

Visit www.duolingo.com or download the app on your iOS or Android device to create your student account.

#2 Go back to school!

Learn Spanish In Ibiza At School

Out of the many popular language centres in Ibiza where you can study Spanish, the Instituto de Idiomas is the most established on the island.

With a school in Ibiza Town and another one in Sant Antonio, the Instituto offers high-quality language training in a friendly, enjoyable environment, with modern facilities and very supportive teams at the schools.

Classrooms, timetables, books, whiteboards & teachers — if you enjoy the more traditional approach to learning, you will 100% enjoy studying here.

After taking a level test to establish where you are with your Spanish, you can start learning basic everyday phrases & talking about yourself in one of the many different intensive courses available to help you go from an absolute beginner to more advanced levels.

Share your learning experience in a mixed nationality class with other students from Germany, Italy or Eastern Europe; or enjoy the flexibility of booking weekly lessons with a private teacher to build your own personal learning program.

The average age of their students is approximately 28 years but they also have courses designed for students aged 30+ and 50+ to give more mature students with a certain life and work experience the opportunity learn in a stimulating and relevant environment.

If driving into town every week for Spanish lessons sounds like a nightmare, you should know that the Instituto also offers Spanish online courses & lessons to help you learn Spanish from home.

Whatever learning option you choose, it’s worth noting that all courses between April & October also include social activities either outside or inside the classroom to discover Ibiza & socialise with the other students.

So with the Instituto de Idiomas, you can learn Spanish, find out the history of Ibiza Town and even… learn how to cook a traditional Spanish paella!

Get in touch with the Instituto and ask them to advise you about their different Spanish courses at www.ii-ibiza.com/contact

#3 A different approach to Spanish

Learn Spanish In Ibiza With Jaime Valencia

For those interested not only in learning what to say in Spanish, but also in developing the courage to become an independent & social resident on the island… Spanish coaching is for you.

Unlike other private tutors on the island, Spanish coach Jaime Valencia specialises exclusively in working with international professionals & property owners based in Ibiza who want Spanish to fully embrace their new life on the island.

Jaime is known for his enthusiastic & dynamic approach to learning, his time-saving done-for-you study plans and his original digital study materials using the latest technologies for fun & easy home revision.

If you have ever worked with a personal trainer, private yoga teacher or business coach, you undoubtedly understand the benefits of working with an expert professional to help you reach your ambitious goals in the fastest & most efficient way.

Online, at your house or on a sunny terrace in town — enjoy learning the conversational Spanish that most matter to you to feel more in control dealing with day-to-day challenges on the island.

In a group or a private session — follow Jaime’s unique & fun social immersion techniques to learn how to break away from the Ibiza “ex-pat bubble” and build meaningful relationships with the new local Spanish community around you.

Curious about how Jaime can help you create the new lifestyle that you deserve here on the island? Visit www.jaimevalencia.net to learn more about what he does and contact him directly.


So there you have it… our top 3 options for learning Spanish on your favourite Mediterranean island to prepare for your new life in Spain.

We are confident that at least one of these options resonated with you and your unique learning needs & ambitions.

Now you know how to get started, so please DO NOT procrastinate and put off learning Spanish because [insert your favourite excuse] or until [insert ideal perfect moment in the future].

As we explained in our previous post 5 reasons why you need Spanish in Ibiza, expressing yourself in Spanish in Ibiza will help you enjoy more your new experiences and empower you to tackle anything the island throws at you.

You can be like “mañana mañana”… or you can choose an option now and take action today!

Whether is with an app, a school or a coach, the sooner you start your Spanish learning journey, the sooner you’ll stop feeling like a tourist and more like being at home.

And when you start learning, please remember to resist speaking English as soon as you have the opportunity and make the effort to speak Spanish as much as you can with the exceptionally welcoming and patient locals.

For help finding your dream property in Ibiza, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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